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Mold Remediation
Rely on The Mold Team for thorough sanitization and protection of your property. We understand the anxiety caused by mold contamination and the difficulty in choosing the appropriate mold remediation service.
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Crawl Space Remediation
An unhygienic crawl space provides an ideal breeding ground for mold, posing a threat to your home or business. Restore the affected area by eliminating mold and debris, and implement thorough sanitation and treatment measures to prevent future mold growth.
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Real Estate Closing
Learn about The Mold Team's payment program designed for closing transactions. We are committed to supporting our real estate partners in navigating negotiations for their clients, ensuring a successful deal and facilitating a smooth closing process for all parties involved.
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Years of experience

Mold Remediation Near Coweta County

“The Mold Team is revolutionizing the way we clear your property of mold”

The Mold Team, LLC focuses on crawl space encapsulations and mold remediation for homes and businesses. We offer free quotes for the ‘Southern Arc’ of Metro Atlanta, covering Coweta, Fayette, Henry, and Spalding Counties.

Andrew Wood

Owner/IICRC Certified

Mold Remediation services

Our Services Include

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We pride ourselves on our thorough and detailed assessment of your home’s spaces. 

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Families everywhere feeling safe and breathing healthy is what makes us happy. 

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Our Proven Mold Remediation Process

Years of experience has given us the time to perfect a process that is both efficient and thorough. 

Mold Remediation near me Andrew Wood, Maranda Wood

“The Mold Team’s process is is streamlined to perfection.”

  • Visual Inspection

  • Identify the source of the problem

  • Evaluate the severity of the mold growth or other issue

  • Educate you of anything you need to know

    This varies to something as simple as turn on your A/C to something like hire a separate contractor to complete a set list of tasks to reduce any further damage.

  • Physically abate the areas contaminated by mold

  • Chemically treat the area

Quote/Inspection: Our technicians will conduct a visual inspection to create a Scope of Work and Quote. They are trained to identify moisture sources, assess mold growth severity, and provide suggestions to minimize additional damage until we can start the work.

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