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mold remediation

Mold remediation

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There are many serious reasons why you should hire a mold remediation specialist immediately. It is no exaggeration that your health may be declining due to the poor air quality in any building with a mold issue. Additionally, you risk the integrity of your structure the longer you wait, as moisture can have a serious impact on a building’s materials. Even the Environmental Protection Agency recommends hiring a professional to treat moldy areas.

Wood is a beautiful, durable material. You can create a beautiful home out of the many types of wood available here in Georgia. But mold is an organic substance, which also means that it can be broken down. When wood decays it becomes spongy. This is fine out in the forest where it fosters new plant growth and provides food for rodents and insects, but in your home, this can be a serious structural issue. And just like with any other living organism that infects another, the mold problem can spread to your support beams, drywall, and other places in your home.

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Do I need a mold remediation specialist?

Can't I hire a general contractor

There are many serious reasons why you should hire a mold remediation specialist immediately. It is no exaggeration that your health may be declining due to the poor air quality

You definitely don’t want to hire a general contractor to do your mold remediation work. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has clear guidelines that mold remediation professionals understand and have to abide by every day. It’s important to know exactly what these procedures are. For example, some homeowners and general contractors will use bleach as a biocide, but it isn’t an approved biocide by the EPA.

General contractors are professionals who specialize in building and remodeling projects for commercial and residential properties. They provide everything from project management, at times, to all the tools, skills, equipment, and materials that are needed to get the job done. They may also hire subcontractors, such as plumbers and landscapers, who will help them to complete the work. When you need architectural remodeling work on your home, then that’s when you should hire a general contractor.

Restoration companies do entirely different work. Restoration companies respond to disastrous events when a significant amount of damage has been done to a commercial or residential property because of mold, fire, or a natural disaster. Their focus is on sanitation and safety in order to prepare the property for the repairing process, which is then when a general contractor would come in and make the necessary architectural changes, such as adding windows, cabinets, flooring, or whatever the specific project requires. Sometimes both have to work together to get the job done, but sometimes not. But one cannot necessarily do the work of the other.

You may also want to call a restoration company as soon as there is any damage to your property. If there has been a flood or any other type of water damage, such as from a pipe bursting, then it’s likely that you will encounter a mold issue later on.

What to look for in a mold remediation specialist

So how can you make sure that you are hiring an experienced and highly qualified mold remediation contractor? What should you be asking when you begin calling around looking for a mold remediation specialist?

  • Always ask to see proof of insurance. You want to make sure that the contractor you hire is insured to do mold remediation and have pollution liability included in their coverage.
  • Can you guarantee your workmanship? We guarantee customer satisfaction. We offer a guarantee on our services for up to two years.

What a mold Remediation should have

Tips to Help you prepare

Tips to help you prepare for your mold remediation

Anytime someone is coming into your home to do work, you want to prepare your children, pets, and pathways so the work can be done easily and smoothly. Here are some tips to help you when you are getting mold remediation services in your house:

  • Bring your pets somewhere else. Dogs, cats, and any other animals should be secure and nowhere near the workers. They must be secured in another room with the door closed, or they can be outside if workers do not have to be there.
  • Clear a path. From the driveway to the location where you need the treatment, move any cars, shoes, chairs, or anything else that can get in the way of workers and their equipment.
  • If you have any obstacles that would make it difficult for work trucks to get close to the house, then let us know.

The Mold remediation Process

The Mold Team’s first goal is to set up containment and ventilation. The purpose of ventilation and air filtration devices is to prevent mold spores that become airborne during the process from spreading to other areas that are not infected. Next, we completely clean and disinfect the area with a biocide. We put on full-body protective suits along with booties, respirators, and goggles, and get to work. We remove infected materials and dispose of them. The area is sprayed with an EPA-approved biocide/fungicide and left overnight. We also use a HEPA vacuum to clean the floor. Next, we find out what exactly is the root cause of the mold. Our goal now is to address the reason for the mold and to seal off the space so if there are any remaining mold spores, they can’t spread. Whether it’s a problem with a pipe or a duct, it needs to be fixed or the problem will come back. Finally, we spray the area with an encapsulant.

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