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How we became best among others?

A family that works together – stays together. At the Mold Man, we know the importance of family because we are a family. Let us help you keep yours safe. 

“We take care of your family, just like we do ours.”

- Andrew Wood, owner
Mold Remediation near me Andrew Wood, Maranda Wood

 “The Mold Man” focuses on the operations of the company. He enjoys getting the job done and right the first time! Before becoming The Mold Man, he spent over ten years in commercial construction building cell phone towers and other structures inside the telecommunications space. He was also a certified home inspector. Thus, his experience and knowledge allow him to lead his team while protecting other from the dangers of mold.   

Mold Remediation near me Andrew Wood, Maranda Wood

 The visionary. She makes sure things run smoothly and manages everything except for operations. Growing up as the child of entrepreneurs, hard work and grit run deep in her veins. After earning her Master’s in Business Administration, she decided to go into business with her husband, Andrew Wood. She is a marketing genius and loves sharing her passion of entrepreneurship with others.  

Mold Remediation near me
'The Quoter' - Sales Director

‘The Quoter’ and Sales Director, Tricia has nearly 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. She is service driven and takes pride in caring for the customer. She is very creative and is always thinking of ways to give back to others. She is a ray of shining light in every room she enters.

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A collection of memories from our Mold Man Family

Excellent skills & Quality work

We pride ourselves on our thorough and detailed assessment of your home’s spaces. 

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