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Programs to take payment at closing

How we help in Real Estate Transactions

Research indicates that approximately 50% of the air we breathe indoors originates from the crawl space, a part of our homes that often goes unnoticed. Consequently, we unknowingly come into contact with elements that remain hidden from our view. It is common for our clients to realize the need for our services when a home inspector includes it in their report. Prior to listing their homes, sellers seldom consider the significance of these concealed areas, while buyers recognize the importance of breathing in clean air. As a result, buyer and seller must negotiate how to address the issue, and that’s where we step in to assist.

We offer a payment program that allows for payment at the closing of a real estate transaction. This means that buyers, sellers, or both parties can arrange to have funds allocated from the closing process to cover our services. Typically, sellers benefit from this program by utilizing a portion of their proceeds from the home sale to cover our costs. It also proves advantageous for investors or individuals seeking to maintain a strong cash flow position. Additionally, our real estate partners find this program helpful as they work towards securing successful deals and guiding everyone involved to the closing table.

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